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The Daily Mail collection of 176 cards is a fascinating as well as a complex series to collect.  During the war, the cards were immensely popular with the public and sold in their millions - even while the Battle of the Somme raged. Although many of the images were a gift to the British propaganda services, i.e. to show the war was going well for the Allies, with titles like  - "The Wiltshires cheering during the Great Advance",  "The smile of victory", "Captured German guns" and "Taking in prisoners during the great advance" - they were, nevertheless, a product of their time and the message they delivered, helped to boost morale on the Home Front. Today, The Daily Mail Official War Postcards collection, gives us an insight into how the British public were viewing the war in 1916.


FREE: HOW I FILMED THE WAR. by Lieut. Geoffrey Malins O.B.E. (1920) When it was published the book was billed as "a record of the extraordinary experience of the man who filmed the great Somme battles." Even though Mallns was sometimes described as 'Vain glorious", nevertheless, he was a pioneer of war photography and left a fascinating account of his work. The book comprises of 392 pages..

 FREE: THE SOMME Illustrated Michelin Guide Vol.1. (1919) A classic post-war guide to the Somme battlefield and still relevant today.  Lavishly illustrated with maps and photographs and splendidly informative text. The book comprises of 144 pages.

FREE: THE BATTLES OF THE SOMME by Philip Gibbs (1917) As a news reporter Gibbs was arrested early in the war for refusing to leave the Western Front when asked to do so by the military. However, he was a popular newsman and along with four others, he was soon officially accredited as a war correspondent.This book is a collection of articles he wrote beginning with his report on 1st July 1916 - the start of the Somme offensive. The book comprises of 414 pages.


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