Battle of the Somme Postcards



Comments from our customers about the Guide to the Battle of the Somme postcards.

"How interesting to see so many images relating to the Battle of the Somme all in one place and to know that they are readily available to purchase as contemporary picture postcards. I found your book easy to read and I also like the informative caption that accompanies each of the many cards that are illustrated in the book."

David Carter, London.


"I thought I would let you know that I really enjoyed reading the book. I found the information on the photographers - especially Ernest Brooks who took many of the photographs - particularly interesting. The examples of the cards you featured made me look carefully at the equivalent cards in my collection and see things from a different perspective and it was good to find out more of the background to the cards. Your book was really comprehensive and I found it interesting and useful."

C. Chapman, Kent.

"...It contains a wealth of information about the background to the cards, which I suspect is little known at present."

Bill Sutton, London.


"... I have had a quick glance of it and it is fantastic. No where else is there such information as this."

P. Hannam,  Devon.

"For those interested in all aspects of the First world War, particularly visual and contemporary evidence, this collection of pictures, maps and text is an excellent resource. Being able to read newspapers of the period and seeing the cartographic and photographic evidence provides an authentic experience. The official postcards from the Daily Mail will provide, for some, the reminders of a dreadful war that our parents and grandparents were familiar with."

Peter Smith, MA. MEd. C. Geog., Leeds.

"Thank you for the Daily Mail Battle Pictures eBook which is very interesting and informative. I particularly like the comprehensive listing of the 176 cards and the chart showing the spread and formats of the 105 photographs which make up the collection. The latter chart really helps put the cards in prospective  - within the range of the three formats."

John Wood, London.

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